the concept

10mq. of Made in Italy

The LATTERIA DEL CURATINO has an ancient heart and a modern mind. In a space of 10 square meters, thanks to the robust and technologically advanced machineries, there is the gist of the made in Italy of dairy sector, a corner that can be moved everywhere in compliance to the respect of tradition and of the international hygienical norms. The raw material used in the process is 100% Italian, and it allows to realize, at sight and with the same care and craftsmanship, that the Cheesemaker has taught hundreds years ago and that he still teaches.

Latteria "Turnkey"!

From the installation of machineries in the space of 10 square meters, up to the technical assistance and to the training of personnel, passing for the providing of raw materials 100% Italian certified milk.

LATTERIA DEL CURATINO supports you in all phases of start-up of your corner.



"Latteria del Curatino,
the innovative offer for your clientele."

  • phase of curd breaking
  • phase of stretching
  • phase of moulding
  • phase of moulding by hand
  • phase of manual breaking

How Operates

Simply gestures

Few and intuitive operations allow to produce, in a short time, products of high quality. All is focused in the production of mozzarella made at the time and at sight. Is possible to ordinate the weight of mozzarella that the customers want and to see the production, that happens in the sterilized laboratory in according to the law. The products can be offered in combination with the products of high Italian gastronomy, exalting the taste.
Our compact machine is able to produce 5 kg of mozzarella in few seconds, easy and installable everywhere thanks to the high transportability.

 Raw Materials

100% Italian Milk

Latteria del Curatino uses only raw material 100% Italian, and supports the quality thanks to careful and critical monitoring, in addition to the control of processes of the full working cycle: from the choice of the animals up to the care of their alimentation. Over the traceability, Latteria del Curatino analyzes every process focusing the attention on the hygienic-health aspects in order to prevent potential hazards in any phase, verifying the correct application of the procedures, and ensuring the safety of finished product.


the products
of Latteria


Unique and with unmistakable taste, to taste fresh or in combination with the excellences of the high Italian and international gastronomy. Different and original modes to exalt the special features, to prove new tastes without losing naturalness, to discover how our dairy products are generous in kitchen.

the Events

  • Sulla "Costa Favolosa" la prima produzione al mondo dal vivo di mozzarelle di bufala
  • Sulla "Costa Favolosa" la prima produzione al mondo dal vivo di mozzarelle di bufala
  • Sulla "Costa Favolosa" la prima produzione al mondo dal vivo di mozzarelle di bufala
Latteria del Curatino offers the chance to enrich the events of your company with the show of a master cheesemaker that does a demonstration of Mozzarella produced by hand for your clients, without the use of machinery, just as it once! For info about the organization of the events write an email at