discover the
New Cheese-making

There is a wealth

made of gestures, hands working,
knowledge accumulated over time.

A past of hopes and satisfactions. The stubbornness to achieve goals with the job, through something special. A craftsmanship which implies the pride of a territory, which involves its recognizability worldwide, projecting it into the future.
Is the future of the dairy Italian tradition
which respects who there was before it.

il Curatino

The master craftsman for excellence, perfect benchmark for a sector which should not be betrayed in its core values

the presence of pastures 100% Italian, the absolute quality of milk, the attention to the details, to create, like in an old dairy farm, mozzarella, scamorza, stracciatella and burrata.
In the last phase, of stretching, return the hands to create, through the breaking, a unique product, that is at the center of senses. The hearing back, through the echoes of the past, by the voices of cheesemakers who seem to suggest what to do.
The touch is crucial, to feel the texture, the goodness of work.
The sight anticipates, through the white porcelain